The fine art 
of nit-picking

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From: Joan Hall, High Hoyland.

IN “A Corner of Yorkshire” (The Yorkshire Post, September 6), you review the metal sculpture Crossing: Vertical 2006, Barnsley by Nigel Hall (no relation). What a pity your review did not add what the locals call it – the nit comb.

From: Max Nottingham, St Faith’s Street, Lincoln.

IS the world really going to the dogs? Perhaps humour is the best medicine: A man walked into a pub with a pig on a lead. The barman said “Does he grunt when you stroke him?” The pig said: “Yes he does.”

From: Hazel Doyle, Yeadon.

NORTHERN Rail staff could not help a passenger at Leeds Station because they did not have “people handling skills”. Should this exempt the operator from public subsidies?