The great TV divide is a turn-off for the east

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From: Howard and Christine Frost, Chellsway, Withernsea.

Regarding recent correspondence on digital TV signals and who receives what in Yorkshire (Yorkshire Post, December 9), parts of East Yorkshire also seem to be cut off from the rest of the county by the way the BBC organises its Look North local news programmes.

East of the Wolds, terrestrial aerials usually point to the strongest signal source which comes from Belmont in Lincolnshire. This gives us a Look North broadcast from Hull. But most of the news content is about Lincolnshire!

However, if you have a satellite link you can select from all the local news channels in the UK. So, in this household on the East Yorkshire coast we usually choose to watch Look North from Leeds.

Trouble is, the presenters often refer to Yorkshire as if they are covering the whole of the county when they are not.

Hull football and rugby teams are not even figured in the lists of “Yorkshire” teams. Paul Hudson does push the weather forecast boundary up to the Wolds and even includes Bridlington which is in East Yorkshire.

But why not go that little bit further and include the rest of East Yorkshire? And surely Look North Leeds could pick up the occasional East Yorkshire story from Look North Hull to ensure that the rest of Yorkshire doesn’t forget that East Yorkshire is still part of the county!