The importance of gambling

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From: Paul Tranmer, Barton Le Street, Malton.

PERHAPS the Church is correct in its pursuit of the teachings of our Lord by participating in what letter writer Tim Mickleburgh defines as “gambling”.

How many businesses and jobs have been created over the years by people deciding to back a project with their cash, I wonder. And the servant who just buried his talent and made no use of it whatsoever was rightly castigated by the returning master for his lack of creativity and foresight, and down-right cowardice!

The greatest problem facing our society and the next generations is the lack of foresight and creativity caused by the inability to reward those who back ideas and talent with their own wealth. How on earth did the Bransons and Dysons of this world get on? They certainly didn’t by heeding the hand-wringing, safety-first brigades.

Uplifting stories

From: H Marjorie Gill, Clarence Drive, Menston, Leeds.

ONE of the most delightful aspects of the Yorkshire Post is that there is always a feature on page three showing some person achieving something outstanding against the odds or some uplifting story which makes the day brighter in spite of the doom and gloom of the other news.

Congratulations from all your readers who will, I’m sure, agree wholeheartedly with my sentiments.

Old problem

From: John Britland, Greenfield Park Drive, York.

WHY can’t an increasing number of one-time TV personalities grow old gracefully, off screen, without resorting to flogging ready meals, circulation boosters, life assurance, etc? Surely, not for the money?

Leeds bias

From: Iain Morris, Caroline Street, Saltaire, Shipley.

WITH regard to a so-called ‘Leeds City Region’, the very name itself suggests absolutely no equality whatsoever.