The last-gasp efforts to quit cigarettes

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TEN per cent of smokers have made themselves feel sick by chain-smoking their way through their last pack of cigarettes to try help them stop, a poll suggests.

And 35 per cent kept away from friends and family who smoke while trying to kick the habit.

The data, collated from 6,200 current and former smokers by Pfizer as part of its Don’t Go Cold Turkey campaign, found that a quarter of smokers avoided drinking alcohol while trying to quit.

On average, smokers said they tried to quit at least four times.

London GP Sarah Jarvis said: “Many smokers are desperate to quit and will make big sacrifices or take drastic action to try and help them succeed, but the vast majority are not taking advantage of free help available. Smokers motivated to quit should start by making an appointment at their GP surgery, asking for help the next time they see their doctor, nurse or pharmacist, or using their local Stop Smoking Service.”