The Queen’s pronunciation

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From: David Broadhead, Rawcliffe, York.

I SO agree with Michael Booth (Wooden pronunciation, Yorkshire Post, October 7).

What really annoys me, particularly on TV, are those presenters who forget that there is a letter “T” in the English language (wor-er = water), 
or those who try to appear superior – (grarse = grass; flars = flowers; orf = off ) and no doubt many more.

I wish these people would just listen to our dear Queen!

Spiritual homes on the move

From: Iain Morris, Caroline Street, Saltaire, Shipley.

THERE has been a general malaise hanging over the city of Bradford for some years now as one thing after another has been transferred to Leeds.

The latest is the Church of England which is being shunted from Bradford to Leeds which, we are told, is good for the city.

God forbid that Bradford City fans should ever have to go to Elland Road to watch home games when Valley Parade is our spiritual home.

Patient provision

From: Miss J Dunning, Queen’s Parade, Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

THERE is more discussion on hospital food in England. Ask a person with a relative in hospital how the patient is and the conversation, in no time at all, proceeds to the standard of the free meals provided.

The sick go into hospital for surgery, medical attention, nursing care and rehabilitation.

A former health visitor, I am well aware of the importance of good nutrition but a lot of today’s patients remain in hospital for as short a time as possible.

Let the moaning public provide the meals for in-patients. They have to in other countries.