The time, the place is Turkey

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A SPECIALIST in place-based branding from East Yorkshire is to deliver the keynote address at a flagship advertising conference in Turkey.

Deb Tate, director of Brough-based thinkingplace, will share her experience and insights on place-based branding at the annual National Advertising Congress in Antalya today.

She founded thinkingplace with colleague John Till six years ago.

The firm has helped brand multiple towns and cities across the UK, as well as counties such as Derbyshire, standalone developments and even a country in the form of Northern Ireland.

She said: “There’s a perception that branding a specific place or location is all about straplines and fancy logos, but it’s so much more than that. It’s about strategy and collaborative working to deliver a shared goal, a distinctive place experience and economic competitiveness.”

There are “huge business opportunities” in Turkey from a business perspective, she said.