The word goes out from online dictionary firm

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A major dictionary publisher is making its content available free online on a dedicated website for the first time.

Starting tomorrow, anyone checking will see spellings and definitions for 120,000 dictionary entries. The number will increase to 220,000 entries by March.

The site will also offer 350,000 translations of the most frequently used English words in 35 languages.

For those unsure how to pronounce words, a million audio pronunciations – with British and American differences where necessary – have been produced, as well as translations of English words in every major global language.

Images from photo website Flickr will appear beside the words to help explain their meanings.

A HarperCollins spokesman said: “We are extremely proud of this new online tool for lovers and users of the English language everywhere. “It’s been a privilege to bring together the world’s best language specialists and lexicographers with a leading digital agency to create it.”

The site also includes synonyms in an integrated thesaurus and each definition is accompanied by a frequency graph to show the popularity of words over the last 500 years.