The Yorkshire Post says: As Prince Charles' turtle proves, views on the environment have changed forever

PRINCE CHARLES has always been one of the world’s foremost environmentalists and his speech to the Our Ocean Conference in Malta reflects this commitment.

Yet, for once, he’s not a lone voice. There’s a sea-change in political and public attitudes, whether it be deposit return schemes for plastic bottles in parts of the UK, though not England, or media giant Sky’s commitment to reduce the amount of plastic packaging used on its products.

Prince Charles with his turtle

With the Prince of Wales warning that plastic is now “on the menu” amid forecasts that the seas will contain more plastics than fish, by weight, by 2050, every country should be duty-bound to make a difference, a down payment on the planet’s future. Here it can only be hoped that other firms follow Sky’s example while consumers, at the same time, press decision-makers to extend recycling projects.

Charges for plastic bags have reduced their proliferation. Now it’s time to tackle the plastic bottle menace.

Video: Prince Charles releases rehabilitated turtle into the sea

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