The Yorkshire Post says: End delay to paying Kellingley miners what they are owed

Yvette Cooper is supporting the miners' campaign.
Yvette Cooper is supporting the miners' campaign.
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More than two years after the Kellingley colliery closed, more than 300 miners, staff and surface workers at the once-great Yorkshire pit are still awaiting payments they are owed.

The sorry state of affairs has prompted local MP Yvette Cooper to demand a meeting with Energy Minister Claire Perry to resolve the situation. The facts of the case do not reflect well on the Government, which had granted a multi-million loan to site operator UK Coal for a staged closure of the pit.

Thoresby Colliery in Nottinghamshire, the only other remaining deep mine in Britain, closed at a similar time and their workers have since received their cash.

In August, a tribunal ordered that UK Coal, which ran both Kellingley and Thoresby, should give the Yorkshire workforce similar payments to those received at Thoresby, because the company failed to properly explore alternatives to keep the pits open. The situation is simple; these workers deserve to receive what is owed to them.