Theft victims short-changed by ‘compensation’

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A FORMER financial adviser who stole hundreds of thousands of pounds from vulnerable clients is only able to pay them back £2,430 in compensation.

Glenn Wrighton took almost £400,000 from clients who had placed their trust in him.

But a judge at Bradford Crown Court heard yesterday that he now only had realisable assets totalling £2,430.

The Recorder of Bradford Judge Roger Thomas QC made a confiscation order against Wrighton in that amount and the money will now be split between the four female complainants in the case.

In one victim’s case only £97.20 will be received as compensation.

In August 2012 Wrighton, 63, who lived in a rented £400,000 house while trading as Yorkshire Financial Clinic Ltd, was jailed for 40 months after he admitted stealing £384,595 over a 16-year period.

Judge David Hatton QC told Wrighton as he jailed him that he was guilty of “a grotesque breach of trust” and the consequences for the four complainants and their families had been devastating financially and emotionally.

Wrighton, of Bradley Road, Silsden, committed the offences between 1989 and 2005 and yesterday he walked into Bradford Crown Court having been released from his jail sentence in November.

At his sentence hearing, prosecutor Jayne Beckett said more than £310,000 of the stolen money was still outstanding. She said Wrighton’s business had been liquidated and was nothing to do with an accountancy firm called Glen J Wrighton and Co.

Wrighton blamed the thefts on two divorces, stock market crashes and family problems.

He had rented a £400,000 house in Oxenhope saying he did not want to move to a smaller home.

Judge Thomas told Wrighton that he had six months in which to pay the confiscation order and he faced a further 45 days in prison if he did not hand over the money.