There but for grace of God... water laps at Bishop’s palace

This image shows how waters have reached the official home of the Archbishop of York.

Floods levels have dropped near the ornate Bishopthorpe Palace in York, home of the archbishop of York, John Sentamu.

River levels were lower yesterday but the picture clearly illustrates how flood waters from the River Ouse inundated the cellars of Bishopthorpe Palace, near York – the official home of Dr John Sentamu.

However Dr Sentamu said the residence was very much built with its location in mind.

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In a statement, he said: “As expected, the undercroft in my home here at Bishopthorpe Palace is flooded again.

“We are fortunate however that back in the 13th century they built with flooding in mind, such that when the water subsides it soon washes through the original flood drains made for the purpose.

“I am thankful for the foresight that went into planning all those years ago.”

The archbishop has hailed the emergency services and all those who have responded to the flooding disaster as “modern day Good Samaritans.” He said it was no surprise to see people respond with “tremendous spirit.”