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Mark Barstow
Mark Barstow
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MOST people who become self-employed say the first step to starting out on your own in business is the hardest – but expert help is on hand to make things easier.

Mark Barstow, RBS Business Manager in Leeds, is focussed on working with self-employed entrepreneurs across the region, and has helped in the creation of many exciting ventures.

He has worked for the bank for 29 years and is based at the branch in Park Row. He said: “Whatever the reason for taking the plunge into the world of self-employment, it is universal that innovation and commercial success are a winning combination for new businesses.

“It is important to be confident and have great self-belief in your business idea, but don’t rush things.

“We all suffer knock-backs and doubts but if you are well researched, keep things simple and hold as much information as possible you are well on your way.”


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