There's a memorial plaque in Roundhay Park for a swan that was savaged by a dog in 1998

Roundhay Park is home to one of what must be one of the world's weirdest memorials.

The plaque can be seen above the waterline in the park's Upper Lake

Just off the landing stage in the park's Upper Lake - but too far away to be read from the bank - is a plaque dedicated to the memory of a swan which died over 20 years ago.

This is why Ed Sheeran is the first major artist to play at Roundhay Park since 2006Siba, one of the park's resident swans, was killed by a dog in March 1998 - an incident very few people will be able to recall.

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An unknown person funded the eccentric plaque and placed it in the lake.

Siba was clearly a popular swan

Photographer Martin Child recently photographed the rusty tribute and enlarged the dedication on it.