Theresa May promises wage rise and tougher protection for workers

Theresa May was campaigning this weekend
Theresa May was campaigning this weekend
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A PLEDGE to raise the national iving wage in line with average earnings over the next five years will be the centrepiece of a plan to strengthen workers’ rights unveiled by the Prime Minister on Monday.

Greater protection for those suffering mental health issues, guaranteed leave for bereaved parents and new rights for so-called ‘gig economy’ workers are among the package Theresa May will present as the “greatest expansion in workers’ rights by any Conservative Government in history”.

Mrs May will water down her suggestion last year that workers should be directly represented on company boards by allowing firms to designate an existing director to represent staff.

But she will risk a fresh confrontation with business by offering workers similar rights to shareholders when it comes to access to information about their employers including takeovers and re-organisations.

Mrs May will say: “By working with business, reducing taxes and dealing with the deficit we have delivered steady improvements to the economic prospects of working people.

“Now is the time to lock in that economic growth and ensure the proceeds are spread to everyone in our country.”

Mrs May will say the measures will ensure the benefits of growth “spread to everyone”.