Thieves say residents are too lax on security

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CONVICTED burglars have boasted that householders are ‘making it easy’ by leaving doors and windows unlocked.

West Yorkshire Police commissioned academics to interview burglars and discovered that thieves prefer easy targets, particularly unlocked houses.

When questioned one offender said that by not locking doors householders were “just making it easy” while another said: “We go and try doors which are sometimes open...the message should be lock your doors and close your windows.”

Another said offenders referred to one community in West Yorkshire as ‘the bank’ because ‘everyone makes a withdrawal’. The area in question has not been named.

The research found that key deterrents were basic precautions such as alarms and not leaving doors and windows unlocked or keys on display.

Police are now urging householders to lock up.

Officers will be visiting households across West Yorkshire throughout autumn and winter as part of the campaign to encourage residents to make their homes safer during dark nights.

Assistant Chief Constable Geoff Dodd said: “The onset of darker nights is traditionally a time when burglaries rise, so we are doing all we can to get the message out there that taking some basic precautions can really make a difference in protecting your properties.

“This new research conducted for the police with reformed offenders has confirmed that they will seek to exploit homes which are vulnerable and to hear a former offender say householders ‘make it easy’ for him just speaks for itself.

“We know it literally only takes 60 seconds for a thief to get in and steal from an unlocked home and that one in four burglaries are through an unlocked door. So the message is very simple, lock up and you will reduce your chances of becoming a victim.”