Think tank seeks views on district’s housing

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A SURVEY about housing in Bradford has been launched as part of national research by a think tank.

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) is working with Bradford Council to look at issues surrounding housing in the district. The findings could help to shape future policies and look at whether issues such as overcrowding or improving the quality of housing in certain areas of the city could be tackled differently.

The online survey aims to find out about residents’ housing aspirations - such as where they would like to live and whether they would prefer to own or rent.

The council’s executive member responsible for housing, Coun Val Slater, said: “I would urge as many people as possible to take part in this survey as the research being carried out promises to provide a very useful insight.

“This research should show how national policies are affecting us in Bradford and whether there are different ways we could tackle important issues like overcrowding and improving the quality of housing stock in particular areas.”

Jenni Viitanen, a research fellow from the IPPR, said: “Analysis of the responses will form part of our Fundamental Review of Housing Policy, which is focusing on the big questions facing the country in relation to meeting the nation’s housing needs.

“Bradford is providing us with a valuable northern case study as we carry out our research and test emerging ideas for how to tackle the housing challenges faced up and down the country.

“We hope our study will inform local policy-making and bring issues affecting Bradford, and the north generally, to a wider audience.”

Anyone who wants to take part can log on at by the start of January.

Alternatively, the survey will be available to complete on the public access computers at any of the district’s libraries until Tuesday, January 3.