Third Royal greeting for centenarians

THEY have already received two special celebratory cards from the Queen.

But young-at-heart couple Harry and Ethel Endersby are expecting a third to drop through their letter box today to mark Harry’s 100th birthday.

The fiercely independent centenarian couple, who have been married for 73 years, celebrated Ethel’s 100th birthday just four months ago.

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And they owe the secret of their successful long marriage down to their hard work over the years.

The couple live in Horsforth, in Leeds, in a granny flat next to their daughter Maureen and son-in-law Peter Powell.

They owned and ran the bakery Endersby in the 60s and 70s in Armley and had none other-than Jimmy Savile as a regular customer.

Ethel said: “I can’t believe I’m 100. It’s something that comes on you and you can’t help it or do anything about it.”

Since retiring 30 years ago the couple have enjoyed holidays and socialising with friends and family.

The sports fans, who attend Horsforth Live at Home Scheme, have also spent the last few weeks glued to the television watching the Olympic and Paralympic coverage.

Harry, who once cycled from Lands End to John O Groats, met Ethel while working at Yates Mill in Bramley at the age of 24. They married two years later.

Ethel said: “I had my work in the same room as where the men were working in the mill. I used to walk past them to go up some stairs and Harry grabbed my leg.”

They received a card from the Queen for their platinum wedding anniversary and the secret of their marriage according to Harry is a “miracle”.

Daughter Maureen, who has two children and three grandchildren, added: “My mum used to go to keep fit and I often come in and find her doing her exercises at the sink.

“I think it must be in the genes. They are very fortunate that they have stayed together. They have been very lucky.”