Thirsty terrier Squiffy no longer barred

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A DOG with a taste for beer has been given his own miniature tankard in an attempt to prevent him taking people’s drinks at a pub in the Yorkshire Dales.

The Jack Russell, named Squiffy, had to be barred from the Craven Arms in the village of Appletreewick by his owner Robert Hodgson because of the problem.

But the dog broke out of the garden at the family home and turned up at the pub anyway.

Now regulars have bought him a dog-sized tankard in the hope he will leave their drinks alone.

Mr Hodgson, 56, said: “We always go to the pub after a walk and he gets excited as we get nearer to the pub because he knows he is going to see his friends.

“He is such a loveable character and all the regulars love him, he jumps on the stool and sits next to me at the bar.

“But we were in the pub recently and he was sat on his stool beside me as usual, I was talking to someone and when I turned round my glass was half-empty.

“Squiffy was sat there with a sheepish look on his face the little blighter had helped himself. He had been stealing little slurps from others as well.

“After that I stopped taking him in the pub for a week or so to teach him a lesson, which I don’t think he was too pleased about.

“I let him out in the garden a few days later and after about 10 minutes or so I realised he had gone. I walked down the street looking for him and calling his name and got to the pub.

“Squiffy was sat in the beer garden looking up at the front door he looked like he was waiting for it to open. I gave him a good telling off and I think he knew he was in the dog house as he has behaved himself ever since”.

Craven Arms landlord David Aynesworth said Squiffy was always welcome in his pub.

“He is such a character”, said David. “I have to be careful not to let him have too much because he really does like his beer. Everybody that comes in makes a fuss of him.”