This man just invented a way to get served a pint quicker in Yorkshire's cocktail bars

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Do you think this is a good idea?
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We've all been there. You're out with your mates in one of Yorkshire's many bustling cocktail bars and the urge for another round is too great to resist.

But for some, the litany of crazy cocktails on the menu is nothing short of an inconvenience - especially when bar staff take about two decades to make a round of weird cocktails and you only wanted a pint.

The genius who created the idea

The genius who created the idea

One football has come up with the answer: express pint-only queues in town centre cocktail bars.

It would mean those who only want a beer can line up in a separate pint-only queue - no more waiting behind those big groups ordering two cocktails each.

He said on Twitter: "Bars in town need a cocktail queue for all the [nice ladies and gentlemen] that want a drink that takes an hour to make, while us lads that want a pint can get in the express queue... know what am saying?"

His (we assume it's a 'lad'), idea was met on Twitter with scores of approval.

Jose Dalbinho replied: "100%. Avoid these places like the plague after watching three lads serve a hen party two for one cocktails for 30 minutes while I wanted a pint.

"Give them lemon zest foam by all means, but just pull a pint while you're at it"

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