Those who litter should pay price, not taxpayers

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From: David McKenna, Hall Gardens, Rawcliffe, Goole.

WHY, as ‘Bunty’ Leder suggests (The Yorkshire Post, March 29), do we need “an army of volunteers” to clean up (the mess of) litter?

As well as promoting an utterly impracticable solution to the ever-growing problem of litter on our roads, in our villages and the countryside in general, she asks “all councils in Yorkshire” to adopt her idea while completely forgetting that councils already do this kind of thing – as is evidenced by the amount that it costs the council tax payer each year.

If people did what was simple, i.e. take their litter home, then we might all receive a rebate as that proportion of the council tax used to clean up the place would not be required.

I believe that there is the possibility of a fine of around £2,500 for littering the highway and, for example, if cameras were to be erected at motorway slip roads and a few people were caught and prosecuted, with their picture in the local Press, this would be a great deterrent. Littering is a voluntary and entirely avoidable activity that lowers the quality of living in the UK and costs the country just short of £1bn per year to clean up.

As far as I am concerned, the answer is quite simple. People should take their litter home. It’s not rocket science.