Three shot dead in raid on Canadian university

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Three armed guards were shot dead and one left in critical condition at a university campus in Canada after an apparent robbery of an armoured vehicle.

No University of Alberta students were involved. The university was quickly put on lockdown, but that was later lifted.

G4S Cash Services spokeswoman Robin Steinberg said the victims were employees of the global security company. “It’s horrible to lose this many,” she added.

Such shootings are rare in Canada, where residents are nervous about anything that might indicate they are emulating their US counterparts.

The oil town of Fort McMurray, Alberta, however, often has drug-related shootings, and Vancouver suffers gang shootings.

Yesterday’s shooting happened shortly after midnight in the Hub Mall area, which has student residences and shops. It is the university’s summer session, so fewer students are on campus.

Ian Breitzke said he was watching TV when he heard a man crying out in pain. He said when police arrived they broke down the door to a room behind an ATM machine and pulled out two people who looked dead and one man who was alive.

“The university is saddened about those who lost their lives last night and we extend our condolences to their loved ones,” the university said on its website.