Thrifty Duchess is backing British fashion

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From: Pamela Z Frankland, Hull Road, Dunnington, York.

WITH reference to the letter from Peter Ellis (Yorkshire Post, February 25) objecting to the Duchess of Cambridge spending £156 on one dress and a similar amount for another, she could have bought designer dresses costing mega bucks.

Instead, she is supporting high street stores and sale prices too.

Within hours the shops have sold out of the dresses, contradicting Mr Ellis. Her coat by Hobbs that she wore days earlier was down by two-thirds of the original price and this sold out too.

I fully appreciate the point made by Mr Ellis that many people cannot afford to spend that much money but Catherine is noted for her thrift, wearing a six-year old black outfit to a society wedding.

Yes, she is slim but with a lifestyle where she needs nerves of steel who would not be? Diana led the way in fashion – British fashion – bringing industry to our designers, now revered around the world.

From: Helen Woodhead, Mayfield Villas, Baildon.

IN reply to Peter Ellis (Yorkshire Post, February 25) and his reference to the Duchess of Cambridge spending £175 and £159 on dresses, he needs to compare the amount celebrities and other Royals spend on gowns.

I think congratulations should go to Catherine for shopping wisely.

After all, she is an ambassador for this country and is doing an excellent job.