Thugs jailed over horrific bathroom attack on Leeds man

Alex Hart, Nicholas Walshaw and Marcus Marrocco.
Alex Hart, Nicholas Walshaw and Marcus Marrocco.
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A JEALOUS thug forced his way into his pregnant ex-partner’s home with two of his friends and subjected her new boyfriend to a horrific violent attack in the bathroom.

Nicholas Walshaw recruited Alex Hart and Marcus Marrocco to join him in carrying out the vicious beating of the victim who was left with a broken nose and a fractured eye socket at the house in Gledhow, Leeds.

A court heard how the three men attacked the victim while he was naked as he tried to get out of the bath to escape.

The attackers took it in turned to hold him as he was punched and kicked.

As they left the blood-soaked bathroom, Walshaw told his former girlfriend: “You might need to get your bathroom decorated.”

Leeds Crown Court heard the three men had been drinking heavily when they barged their way into the house in Gledhow, Leeds, on November 23, last year after knocking on the door.

They demanded to know where her boyfriend was and walked around the property looking for him.

Nigel Wray, prosecuting, said the woman was pregnant at the time and stayed in the living room as she feared for the safety of her unborn child.

They found the victim in the bathroom and attacked him as she pleaded for them to stop.

The court heard Walshaw had previously been in a relationship with the woman and has convictions for being violent towards her.

Mr Wray said: “This was a sustained attack. The victim was in a situation that made him particularly vulnerable, being naked in the bathroom.”

All three defendants pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm.

Michael Miller, for Wlashaw, said his client had previously been in a relationship with the woman for three years. He said they had had a child together but it had died aged just 36 hour old and he had struggled to come to terms with the grief.

Lawyers for Morrocco and Hart described how they had eventually ended the ten-minute attack and pulled Walshaw off the victim.

Walshaw, of Lincombe Rise, Gledhow, was jailed for 32 months. Morrocco, of Ramshead Hill, Seacroft, and Hart, of St Wilfrids Crescent, Gipton, were jailed for 30 months.

Recorder Charles Ekins said: “It doesn’t matter who was responsible for the kicking, it doesn’t matter who was responsible for the punching. The three of you were involved in this attack upon him and all played a part.

“I am absolutely satisfied that there is nothing whatsoever to mitigate the culpability of the three of you.

“It was a sustained, vicious and cowardly attack.”