Time to make cyclists pay their fair share for our roads

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From: Graham Hall, Micklethwaite, Bingley, West Yorkshire.

I HAVE read with interest a number of letters recently on the subject of cycles and cycling, agreeing with many points raised.

In this day and age with the mass of traffic on our roads, I do feel that some form of system should be introduced whereby cyclists pay at least something towards upkeep of the highways. It may well be difficult to implement but surely the majority of responsible cyclists – of which there are many – would not begrudge paying something.

I think it is about time that legislation should be introduced to enforce cyclists to wear safety helmets. The number I see without helmets makes me shudder. It seems utterly suicidal to allow cyclists to ride about without any such protection.

Further to this, a vast improvements in cyclists’ clothing should be considered, both from protection for the body and colour. High visibility clothing should be a must. The number of cyclists seen riding at night in very dark clothing on bikes with equally poor visibility is just crazy.

I noticed in your motoring section (The Yorkshire Post, April 12) an article about a new form of lighting for cyclists which I think excellent. There should be far more attention given to lighting systems for cyclists to make them more visible.

From: Roger M Dobson, Ash Street, Crosshills, Keighley.

WHEN are our cyclists going to start obeying the rules of the road?

The other day, I was driving into Keighley from Skipton when the traffic had to stop for a Pelican crossing. A cyclist in front of me set off with the lights still at red. To my mind cyclists should be required to purchase tax and insurance like the rest of road vehicles.

From: L Turner, Harkness Close, Leeming Bar, Northallerton.

YOU report that the MP for Colne Valley feels that the Tour de France will be hidden away on ITV4 (The Yorkshire Post, April 14). I have followed the Tour for many years on ITV4 and they have considerable coverage with a good team of commentators. You can also see the Tour on Eurosport and Sky Sports, if you are willing and able to pay for the coverage.

If Jason McCartney is concerned about poor coverage of sport, perhaps he could arrange for Test Matches (The Ashes) and Super League to be shown on the BBC or ITV.