Timely tribute to Queen

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A FLORAL clock to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee has been unveiled in one of Whitby’s most treasured locations.

Designed in the shape of a crown with the timepiece at its centre, the clock is located in Pannett Park in the North Yorkshire town.

The clock was first installed in the park in 1953 to celebrate the Queen’s Coronation, but its design has been remodelled to mark the monarch’s 60-year reign. The £1,000 revamp comes after the clock had fallen into disrepair in 1979, when its hands had been removed and the planting reverted to a normal flowerbed. It remained in the dilapidated state for 27 years until the Friends of Pannett Park secured grants and sponsorship six years ago to reinstate the clock, create the Whitby Time Line, and carry out landscaping improvements to the surroundings.