‘Tinsel fairies’ decorate woodland tree

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THERE is nothing remarkable about a tree decorated with baubles in the week before Christmas.

But one tree is set apart from most by the fact that it is still growing, deep in the woodland where it was planted near Langsett reservoir in South Yorkshire.

Walkers are left mystified 
as to the purpose of the decorations and who is responsible.

It has been going on for years and the decorations spring up before disappearing neatly after the festivities’ end.

The only clue to the identity of the decorators is a specially written verse, Oh Little Fir at Langsett Wood, which is left pinned to the branches of the tree each year.

That appears to be based on a traditional carol and invites members of the public to turn up with their own decorations and is signed by “the little fairies”.

One walker told the Yorkshire Post: “Its a mystery as to who does it and why, but whatever the purpose they’re clearly having a bit of fun.

“Its been going on for some time and they always clear up properly. You wouldn’t know they’d been here.

“It would be tempting to assume it’s locals, but there aren’t really any locals. The tree is right alongside the footpath and must be seen by dozens of people every day, its a popular walk around the reservoir.”