Tips for the supermarket

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From: Ken Holmes, Cliffe Common, Selby, York.

your letter writer Karl Sheridan appears to have become neurotic with a chip on his shoulder by his comments on supermarket car drivers and owners of 4x4s (Yorkshire Post, July 4).

If he finds it difficult to put up with the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, may I respectfully suggest that he does his supermarket shopping online or at an all-night opener, when most of the tearaways he mentions are wrapped up under their duvets.

But if he wishes to do his shopping during normal hours, may I again respectfully suggest that he carries a tin opener with him at all times, as he implies that all cars are only made of tin.

Also, please avoid parking alongside my Terrano 2.7 turbo diesel 4x4.

City’s need for investment

From: Pat Rhodes, Allerton, Bradford.

I WRITE in complete support of Roy Sladdin (Yorkshire Post, July 5) with regard to local enterprise partnerships.

Of course, Bradford is more in need of investment and this was supported by David Ward MP in his recent comments asking for investment to be based around Bradford. At least we have one MP who is willing to “fight the corner” for Bradford.

Leeds is successful and at least could acknowledge this and aknowledge the needs of Bradford’s economy.

Congratulations to Prescott

From: Sam Flint, Wellesley Avenue, Hull.

I thought John Prescott was next to hopeless as a Cabinet minister, and he did very little for Hull. As a campaigner over phone hacking, he’s been outstanding.

As your Editorial said (Yorkshire Post, July 8), his persistence is seeing the truth finally emerge from News International.

Finally, we have a lot to be grateful to him for.