Tissuemed aims to tap into the medical devices market in China

(L to R) Tissuemed chief executive officer, David Mandley, and Chamber International export adviser, Robin Finnis, at the Leeds headquarters of the company which has gained regulatory approval from Chinas Federal Drug Administration for its product, TissuePatch.

A surgical technology company, which has gained regulatory approval for its main product in China, is working with overseas trade specialist, Chamber International.

Leeds-based Tissuemed is looking to develop sales by gaining a greater understanding of Chinese commerce and healthcare.

The company’s TissuePatch product, a self-adhesive patch for preventing leaks during and after surgery, has been approved by China’s Federal Drug Administration (CFDA).

Tissuemed has turned to Chamber International’s China specialist Matthew Grandage for advice as it looks to tap into the medical devices market in China, which totalled more than £30bn in 2015.

David Mandley, CEO of Tissuemed, said: “TissuePatch is unique in China as the first synthetic sealant in the medical market with a broad range of surgical uses, from neurosurgery to thoracic and general surgery.

“China holds great potential for us – for example, the country has 12,000 practicing neurosurgeons alone.

“The TissuePatch product range, which was CE Mark approved in 2007, is now exported to 25 countries and China has huge potential.”

Scientists at Tissuemed, which was established in 1985, took five years to develop TissuePatch. TissuePatch is designed to complement conventional wound closure techniques, such as stitching or stapling.

Mr Grandage said: “It’s no surprise that there is a ready market for Tissuemed in China as western medical devices, drugs, and expertise are highly sought after, not least because of repeated breaches of trust in the domestic regulatory environment.”

He added: “Tissuemed has gone about this prudently, securing their own intellectual property first, strategising well, and identifying trustworthy distribution partners for the future – all tasks that Chamber International is glad to assist with.”

Tissuemed now has 15 staff, and exports more than half of its £1.1m turnover.

Chamber International helps hundreds of new and experienced exporters with a wide range of specialist services.

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