Toddler’s foot saved by his Buzz Lightyear wellies

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A TODDLER who was hit by a car escaped having his foot amputated – because he was wearing his favourite Toy Story Buzz Lightyear wellies.

Two-year-old Lewis Kemp and his family have the boots to thank for saving his left foot thanks to their thick lining.

Mum Marie Scammell said the footwear were the toddler’s favourite – and he even goes to bed in them.

The 22-year-old told how Lewis was struck after he ran into the path of a Renault Clio in a car park in Hull, on Sunday. He suffered an open fracture and will wear a cast for at least six weeks.

Ms Scammell said: “The doctor who treated him said that if he didn’t have his wellies on he could have lost the bottom half of his leg or at best ended up with pins in his foot. I’m so thankful that he never takes them off now.

“My mum is always saying to me, ‘why does he always wear his wellies’, but it’s just what he likes to wear.

“He wears them every day and even wears them to bed – we have to bribe him to try to get him to try to get them off his feet.

“It’s really surprising because since he was a baby he’s never liked wearing shoes, but since he’s had these wellies, he never takes them off. I’m glad he’s so fond of them now though.”

She added: “The scariest part is that I never normally let him out of his pram until we get right off the main roads.

“And even when he’s out of his pram he is on his reins.

“He was supposed to be going straight into the trolley at the shop, but he broke free of my brother and did a runner.”

Humberside Police is appealing for witnesses and the driver involved in the accident at 1.30pm on Sunday to come forward.

A spokeswoman for Tesco, where Lewis’ boots were purchased, said: “We are delighted that Lewis’s Buzz Lightyear Wellington boots saved him from such a serious injury. We wish Lewis a speedy recovery and a very Happy Christmas.”