Top 10 Tips: Optimising your online presence

Chris Kell, Wish Digital
Chris Kell, Wish Digital
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Chris Kell, director of Wish Digital, on optimising your online presence to grow your business.

1. Accept that the internet is evolving at quite a pace. What works today may not work in a months time.

2. Think of your customers. Put yourself in their shoes and mould your website and online presence around delivering great service.

3. Make sure you understand the return from online marketing investments. Adverts for the sake of adverts isn’t necessarily money well spent. View analysis reports, move your budgets around and try different things.

4. Track what visitors do – not just Google analytics but ecommerce tracking and various other analysis tools which will give you much greater insight.

5. Log into Google’s search console. It’s surprising how many marketeers know of analytics but not the search console (formerly webmaster tools).

6. Ensure your website is well optimised. If you have a WordPress website install the SEO plug in. If you don’t have a WordPress site, read up on best practice and make sure page titles, meta data, snippets and content are ticking the right boxes.

7. Take a moment to review your social network activity – Facebook IS NOT right for every business.

8. Get social or get off. With social media you really do get back what you put in, embrace your Twitter account with both hands.

9. Email your database if you’re not already. Emailing existing contacts is so much more cost effective than spreading the net far & wide to capture new potential customers.

10. Stay up to speed, or ensure someone in the business or a trusted agency partner is.