Tories out of touch says TUC chief

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The head of the TUC has launched an angry attack against Conservative plans to crack down on unions if the party wins next year’s general election, warning that legitimate activities faced being “criminalised”.

Frances O’Grady said the Tories were “completely out of touch” with the country.

In an interview ahead of the TUC annual Congress, which opens in Liverpool on Sunday, Ms O’Grady said the Government was running out of excuses on the state of the economy because workers were not seeing any improvement in their pay.

“A key concern is the desperate attempt by the Conservative party to attack union rights. Why they are picking on those defending workers’ rights instead of those who have done very well out of the financial crash,” she said.

The Tories have pledged to introduce a threshold for the turnout in industrial action ballots and place a time limit on how long a mandate for any action can last.