'Tornado' blows through Yorkshire as Storm Debby hits

A tornado was spotted making its way through Yorkshire as heavy rain and strong winds batter the region thanks to Storm Debby.

Images of the tornado from Jess Maloney

Residents spotted this twisted, whirling vortex of cloud spinning through the fields in East Yorkshire this week.

-> This is when the sun is set to return to YorkshireThe extreme weather brought with it thunder, strong winds and rainfall across many areas of the county.

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The photos, shared by social media users, including the above image from Jess Maloney, showed the extent of the 'tornado'.

Jess snapped the dramatic pics in Southburn, in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

The tornado isn't a full tornado, as the bottom doesn't touch the ground - but it's a pretty striking weather phenomenon nonetheless.

That happened in Yorkshire in 2016, when a full fat tornado was filmed touching down.Did you spot the Yorkshire mini-tornado? Send your photos to @yorkshirepost