Tory backbencher slams ‘incomptentent’ Ministers

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A Conservative backbencher has launched an attack on the coalition Government, accusing it of “incompetence at the highest levels”.

In a letter to his local newspaper, Monmouth MP David Davies offered his apologies to constituents who felt “let down” by the Tory-led coalition.

David Cameron would not remain Prime Minister for long, unless he “changed tack”, he warned.

The MP said he was concerned that ministers had failed to overcome human rights obstacles to the deportation of terrorism suspect Abu Qatada and felt that the Government’s economic message was being sidelined by plans to legalise gay marriage and reform the House of Lords.

Ministers appear unwilling to listen to voters or to their own MPs, said Mr Davies, who chairs the Commons Welsh Affairs Committee.

In his letter to the South Wales Argus, Mr Davies wrote: “May I ... offer my apologies to those who feel the Conservative-led coalition has let them down. I must acknowledge there has been incompetence at the highest levels of government over the last few months in a number of departments. Meanwhile, there has been an emphasis on issues such as gay marriage and reform of the House of Lords, at the expense of explaining the financial situation; a failure to deport dangerous terrorists because of concerns about human rights; and an apparent unwillingness to listen to the concerns of electors and the backbench MPs who represent them.

“I shall have no hesitation in expressing my concerns in Parliament.”

Mr Davies’ letter was written after last week’s local elections which saw the Tories lose seven seats and overall control of Monmouthshire County Council.

He told the paper that disillusionment with the Government’s performance had caused some Tory supporters, including his own mother Kath, to turn to the UK Independence Party.

“David Cameron needs to change his tack very rapidly otherwise he’s not going to be in position for very long,” wrote Mr Davies. “I am sure he realises his supporters are not happy with what’s going on.

“If I sound like I’m being critical I am. I have been loyal for the last couple of years – although I have voted against the Government on certain things like the EU referendum question - but there comes a point when it is becoming more difficult to remain so loyal.”

Right-winger Mr Davies rebelled in last October’s vote for a referendum on EU membership but is not regarded as one of the “awkward squad” of backbenchers who have made regular trouble for Mr Cameron.

Labour MP Lisa Nandy said: “This stinging rebuke from one of his own MPs is deeply embarrassing for David Cameron. Even his own MPs realise what has become painfully obvious to the rest of us: this is an incompetent and out-of-touch Government which has nothing to offer the British people.”