Tory MP reported over tarmac row

Tory MP Graham Stuart has been reported to a parliamentary watchdog following the furore over the free resurfacing of a private road leading to his home.

Mr Stuart drew criticism after his wife Anne chanced upon council contractors and invited them to lay any spare asphalt on Seven Corners Lane, a walled road leading to their house in Beverley. The new surface was laid to within a few yards of the Stuarts’ property. Mr Stuart insisted this was above board and praised his wife’s “inspiration”.

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Now he has been reported to the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner by George McManus, chairman of the Beverley and Holderness Labour Party, who claims there have been several breaches of the code of conduct. Mr McManus said it was “reprehensible” that Mr Stuart “should see this as a justifiable action, while his neighbours, not lucky enough to live in luxury houses on private roads, have to continue to cope with dozens of potholes.” Mr Stuart declined to comment.