‘Tough to keep secret’ star admits

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musical star John Barrowman has been given an MBE for services to entertainment and charity.

Mr Barrowman, who also stars in TV series Torchwood, said: “It’s one of the proudest things, thus far, that has ever happened to me. I never expected to get an honour like this. You hear about other people getting them but never expect it yourself.”

He went on: “I was signing autographs on a Saturday about two months ago and my manager Gavin just went ‘oh my God’. I thought maybe something was wrong and he said ‘you’re getting an honour’. I just stood up and thought ‘how can this be, what have I done?’.”

Speaking from Sydney Australia, he said he would be having a small celebration now he could go public with the honour after admitting “it was the hardest thing to keep quiet - I just had to keep my mouth shut”.”