Trade mission boosts Yorkshire firms

Areas around Boston, Providence and New York are seen as the most accessible bases for UK firms heading to the States
Areas around Boston, Providence and New York are seen as the most accessible bases for UK firms heading to the States
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A​ trade mission to Leeds from Boston, Massachusetts aims to b​oost trading between Yorkshire and New England following the recent upheavals of the Brexit vote.

The collapse in sterling​ and European trading uncertainty has led to increased interest in the US market from UK companies, m​any of which are based in Leeds.

The mission, which will be led by the British American Business Council of New England (BABCNE), and accompanied by the British Government’s Consul General to New England, Harriet Cross, will ​involve​ a number of New England-based media, digital and legal firms mak​ing​ the trip to Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle ​between​ September ​16 and 23.

​​​Consul General Harriet ​Cross​ is​ originally from Hessle, East Yorkshire and ​she spent three years as faculty at York University between 2010 and 2013.

“The relationship between the UK and USA has never been more important for businesses on both sides of the Atlantic, and we are seeing a huge wave of trading both ways to take advantage of the opportunities Brexit presents,” ​she said.

​“There is a great deal of interest in the mission from the UK side. BABCNE’s network will give US companies invaluable fast-track access to a wide range of contacts and to market knowledge that simply wouldn’t be available to businesses making their own way alone. We’re excited to see just how much trade results from the visit​."

​​Kenneth J. Vacovec, ​p​resident of BABCNE​, said: “The historic industrial cities across the North of England are famous for their innovation in the 19th century, but they are once again leading in new high-tech industries and there is a huge opportunity to make New England the natural landing place for British firms there looking trade with North America, and also to those looking to joint venture in the US​."

The delegation ​will be ​received by senior business and civic leaders and Government representatives in the three major UK cities and delegate businesses will ​get tailored meeting programs during the seven-night trip.

Paul Snape of transatlantic marketing specialist Great British Marketing, which has bases in Harrogate and Boston, is facilitating meetings in Leeds on ​September 19 and 20 for companies interested in trading with or expanding to New England.

“Yorkshire firms are well-placed to take advantage of the exchange rates at the moment, and we have seen a great deal of interest in exporting, with the areas around Boston, Providence and New York among the most accessible bases for many UK firms heading to the States for the first time​," he said.​

“We have been operating on the East Coast for three years, and it has proven to be an ideal base for us and many other UK firms, especially supported by DIT and the British Consulate teams in Boston and NYC.​"​

Companies interested in meeting with firms during the Leeds leg of the trade mission on September ​19 and 20 can email​ ​ for more information.