Tradition hope for political portrait

Council leader Paul Scriven unveils a portrait of himself at Sheffield Town Hall yesterday, creating what he called a "new tradition" for the city's top politicians.

Coun Scriven, who led the Liberal Democrats to power in 2008, agreed to the picture's creation after he was approached by artist Andy Cropper, right, who has donated his work free.

It depicts the leader relaxing at home in Sheffield with a cup of tea and a book, and according to the artist the picture aims to present a more "real" side of his personality.

Mr Cropper, who lives and works in Highfield, Sheffield, added that he had worked from photographs to create the image, which has been likened in style to Flemish Old Masters.

Coun Scriven said: "The idea is that from now on, every council leader will have the opportunity to have their portrait painted by Andy, and each of those portraits will be displayed in the Town Hall. Andy will donate each portrait to the city of Sheffield.

"It's good promotion for him as a local artist and a great way for citizens to get to know their leader as a person, aside from politics."