Train ‘comrade’ made my day

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From: Malcolm Grieve, Malvern Road, Brockwell, Chesterfield.

THE other day as our train left Sheffield station, the conductor made an announcement: “Comrades, ladies and gentlemen! For those who joined this train at the People’s Republic, this is the...”

The memories flooded back. Cheap bus travel, no worries about travelling around, conductors on the buses, it was “our” service. Now we subsidise Sir Richard Branson and his fellow train barons.

Passengers thanked the train conductor for spreading a little happiness. The man deserves a medal.

The benefits of having children

From: Tim Mickleburgh, Boulevard Avenue, Grimsby.

HILARY Andrews (Yorkshire Post, October 17) says that “those on benefits can have as many children as they wish”, without having to calculate how many they can afford to have as is the case with working parents.

In fact I would remind her that all those with children qualify for child benefit, whether in work or not. And many more are also entitled to child tax credit while earning. So really, the cost to the state of people having children rises whatever a person’s economic circumstances.

Latin lesson for a lapsed old boy

From: RC Curry, Adel Grange Close, Leeds.

I MUST bow down to David Pryor’s better recall of Latin (Yorkshire Post, October 18) and apologise for such carelessness on my part by confusing Cantuar with Cantab.

I am grateful that Mr Beckett (Leeds Grammar School, 1940s-1950s) is not around to have witnessed the sin, as he would most certainly have given forth with an eloquent chastisement in Latin and an extra hour or so of Latin grammar homework.