Train fire causes more rail delays for Leeds commuters

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RAIL cmmuters faced more delays this morning after a train caught fire on the Leeds-Hull line east of Leeds.

The blaze broke out in the engine compartment of an east-bound four-carriage diesel train near Garforth station shortly before 6am.

As the front carriages filled with smoke, 20 passengers were evacuated to the rear carriage. A fire alarm then triggered the train’s automatic extinguishers.

Firefighter Steve Carlisle said: “We got the call at 5.50 am. There was a fire in the engine compartment under the train. The in-built fire extinguishers had gone off and put the fire out. We were there to make sure everything was safe - we were not sure it was fully out.”

“Some of the passengers were kicking off - there were quite a few with suitcases heading for Manchester Airport and they were getting worried.”

By mid-morning Leeds Station was still reporting delays to some services.

The delays follow a week of cancellations and disruption following signal failures and the introduction of new timetables.