Train fire leads to Yorkshire rail disruption

RAIL services on the main route connecting West and North Yorkshire to the North West were disrupted today following a train fire.

A small fire broke out on a TransPennine Express service today

The 9.50 TransPennine Express service from Scarborough to Liverpool was forced to stop at Slaithwaite, in West Yorkshire, after the driver reported an engine fault.

A small fire was discovered which was put out by firefighters called to Slaithwaite station.

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Nobody was injured and all the passengers were transferred to coaches to complete their journey.

The line did not fully re-open until 3.15pm leading to disruption to a number of TransPennine Express and Northern Rail services.

A TransPennine Express spokesman said: “An engine fault on the 09:50 Scarborough to Liverpool service was reported shortly after the train left Huddersfield.

“The service was stopped at Slaithwaite station and all customers dis-embarked safely and were transferred to coaches.”

The faulty train was taken to a Transpennine Express depot and an investigation into what caused the problem is underway.