Train firm to issue ticket inspectors with CCTV body cameras

Revenue Protection and Security staff on London Midland trains are to start wearing mobile body cameras this week.

The firm, which runs services through YOUR AREA, say the move will improve customer service, safety and security.

Spokesman Darren Hanley said: “Not only does this act as an enhancement to the safety of our employees and customers, it also plays a pivotal role in the evidence gathering process when taking action against fare evaders and those committing anti-social behaviour, or breaching the byelaws whilst on our network.

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“The evidence gathered from the body cameras, which effectively act as mobile CCTV, will really help us to secure prosecutions against persistent and high-level offenders.”

The body cameras will be worn by all revenue protection and security officers who work from London Midland’s three regional centres in the West Midlands, Crewe and Milton Keynes.