Transparently, glass is the look for for new year

When it comes to choosing furniture we often consider wood to be our only option.

After all it's versatile and comes in a range of shades so who can blame us? However the style gurus are telling us it's time to change our ways because on the hot list for 2011 is lots and lots of glass. And let's face it if you look at the stunning Gran Canal dining table with its beautiful transparent legs it certainly is a show-stopper!

Typically, glass was reserved for the top of tables rather than the whole thing but it's not just the designs that are changing. Glass used to be for only the most modern and minimalist spaces but now it's been taken over by the eclectics and used in new ways – still modern but this time with a traditional yet eccentric edge.

If you opt for glass then one thing is for certain – you need to make sure that whatever you're looking at through the glass is interesting! The easiest way to achieve this is by using wallpaper with big bold patterns which is another hot tip for 2011. I would also opt for interesting chairs. Go for something very modern like the Milady chair or for a complete contrast try the Vermont which is a very traditional style.

Don't forget you will be able to see through the table when eating, so anything other than your best pair of socks won't do.

To continue the contrast theme choose something wooden for the centre of the table. A wooden bowl would make a striking centrepiece.

Other beautiful glassworks include the Post Modern table which is a coffee table-sized version of the Gran Canal. Use the same principles and stick to contrasting furniture for the rest of the room.

Another show-stopper is the Bulles 12 Sphere lamp which would look stunning suspended above your chosen dining table, whether glass or otherwise.

If you don't want to go all out for glass – after all it takes a bit more polishing than wood – then nod to the trend with some super accessories. You can get beautiful vases in all shapes and colours. I like to mix new designs with older ones found at antique markets.

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YP MAG 22/1/11