11 ways Yorkshire motorists may be breaking the law without realising it

Driving over the speed limit, driving in bus lanes and parking on double yellow lines are all common knowledge when it comes to the law and driving.

11 ways motorists could be breaking the law without realising

But there are some more obscure laws that some people may not know about.

Rules have been tightened a lot in recent years and now most drivers WON'T be covered to drive other cars by default, even if both they and a friend are fully comprehensive with their cover.

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Drivers who go through a bus lane or go through a red light while letting an emergency vehicle pass can still be penalised.
Marked taxi bays, cycle lanes, red lines, disabled spaces, a bus stop, opposite or near a junction, over dropped curb and in front of an entrance to property are all out of bounds.
This provides cover as above for social, domestic and pleasure use, as well as for driving back and forth to a permanent place of work. Dropping someone else at work may also count.
Driving too slowly can carry the punishment of nine points on your license.
Honking your horn should be reserved for alerting other to your presence, and nothing else. Honking in stationary traffic could land you with a hefty fine.
This one is actually a criminal offence, could land you in deep water when it comes to a fine.
As the snow could slide on to your windscreen and hamper your vision, the offence comes with a points penalty and a fine.
If your handbrake is off and your engine is switched on, you're not allowed to use your mobile phone, even if it is to pay for a burger!
This could see you hit with TEN points on your license - and a large fine.
Flashing an oncoming vehicle to warn them about a speed camera can land you a fine of up to 1,000 for obstructing an officer's duty.