Dashcam captures Hull traffic warden moving No Parking cone then writing ticket

Dashcam footage of the warden moving a No Parking cone
Dashcam footage of the warden moving a No Parking cone
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A MOTORIST in Hull has been let off a fine after catching a parking warden moving a No Parking traffic cone.

Harvey Saunders decided to fit a video camera to his dashboard after being issued with two parking fines he believed to be unfair.

The camera then caught a warden writing out a ticket for a Ford Focus estate in front of his own car before moving a cone and putting it behind his.

The warden, dressed in a high-visibility jacket and motorcycle helmet, can be seen bending down and picking up the cone before moving it behind Harvey’s car.

The next frame shows the warden writing out a £70 parking ticket from his scooter from in front of Mr Saunders’ Vauxhall Zafira, parked in a lay-by near the junction of Queens Road and Newland Avenue in Hull.

After reviewing the footage he spotted the traffic warden later in the day and challenged him.

He said: “I saw him and went up to him and I asked him if he issued this ticket and he immediately replied: ‘What Queens Road?’.

“When I complained, he told me: ‘You shouldn’t have ****ing parked there’.

“I told him that I had seen him move the cones and he said: ‘I didn’t ****ing move them’.

“He then started counting on his fingers what he was going to do to me before going on a four-letter tirade.

“I just stood there and laughed at him.

“When I told him I had been filming him, he put his helmet on and shot off.”

Mr Saunders, 41, who remodels and refits properties for a living, said he would advise people to invest in a dash cam to avoid becoming victims of undeserved traffic fines.

He said: “Unless you have a dash cam you are treated as a middle age ranting guy and you are told your word has no standing against theirs.”

Harvey has posted the video on social media where other traffic wardens have been among people condemning it.

One said: “I would also like to say we’re not all like that, there are some good guys here who do the job properly.”

Hull City Council said: “An investigation is under way.

“When we need to suspend parking bays temporarily we place portable cones on the road or footpath.

“Unfortunately, people moving them is not uncommon, as happened in this case which can result in us taking enforcement action.

“The officer was correct to return the cone to the original location but not to use it as evidence to issue a ticket in this instance.

“We have contacted the motorist concerned and the ticket will be rescinded. “