Humber Bridge to get speed cameras after two thirds of drivers breaking limit

Mobile speed cameras will appear on the Humber Bridge for the first time after it was revealed two thirds of drivers are breaking the 50mph speed limit while crossing.

The cameras will be present from Monday, November 25, and have been funded following a partnership agreement between the Humber Bridge Board and Safer Roads Humber.

A recent survey revealed two thirds of drivers are not obeying the 50mph speed restrictions while crossing the bridge.

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Chair of the Humber Bridge Board, Councillor Sean Chaytor, said there is a common misconception that the Humber Bridge is a private road and exempt from speed enforcement, but revealed this is not the case as the bridge is actually covered by the Road Traffic Act 1988, meaning enforcement can take place.

Humber Bridge to get speed cameras after two thirds of drivers breaking limit

Coun Chaytor said: “There are around 25,000 journeys across the bridge each day and the survey data shows that the majority of that traffic does not obey the speed limit.

“This puts all bridge users in danger and is therefore something we want to address.

“That’s why the board has decided to partner with Safer Roads Humber, to encourage people to observe the speed limit when crossing the bridge.”

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As well as speeding, the organisation will be enforcing other motoring offences such as not wearing a seat belt, number plate and mobile phone offences, and not being in proper control of the vehicle.

Ruth Gore, from Safer Roads Humber, said: “Everyone using the Humber Bridge deserves to be kept safe and this joint initiative will hopefully deter motorists from speeding, thus making the road a safer place.

“Our camera vans can detect speeding motorists across both sides of the bridge, and we can detect a range of other driving offences."