Hundreds of passengers caught in disruption at York Station: What to do if your train was delayed

Hundreds of train passengers in Yorkshire faced hours of delays and cancellations on Monday.

Blocked lines at York caused major disruption at the station, with passengers being advised to wait until today (Tuesday) to travel.

A video shows hundreds of passengers stranded at York as trains were cancelled, revised or delayed by more than 70 minutes.

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The worst of the disruption was on LNER services but there were residual delays to all services through York, including trains through Leeds station.

Damaged overhead wires near York caused major disruption to LNER services yesterday (Photos: LNER)

What caused the disruption?

Damaged overhead electric wires in the York area caused the delays, with some passengers stuck on LNER trains.

LNER released pictures this morning showing the extent of the damage to the wires.

Was anyone evacuated from trains?

Emergency services were due to to evacuate 650 passengers trapped on three trains on the East Coast Mainline.

However, engineers were eventually able to lift the overhead wires to allow the trains to proceed.

Are trains back to normal this morning?

LNER advises that all lines have now reopened.

However, there have been changes to a number of services early this morning.

The 5:26am Stirling to Kings Cross train will be started from Edinburgh.

The 6.48am Glasgow to Kings Cross train will be started from Newcastle.

The 9am Edinburgh to Kings Cross train will be started from Newcastle.

What should I do if my train has been delayed?

LNER customers with tickets dated Monday, December 2 - who differed their travel due to the disruption - can use their tickets today (Tuesday 3).

Customers who faced delays of more than 30 minutes can claim back 50 per cent of the ticket price.

Customers who faced a cancellation or delays of more than an hour can claim back the full ticket price.