These are the minimum personal requirements to become a Northern train driver for £53,000 a year

A job posting for Northern train drivers earning up to £53,000 a year was met with a wave of enthusiasm and interest by Yorkshire Evening Post readers on Sunday.

The ad issued a search for a train driver who could earn up to £53,000 after completing three years of training.

But what the ad didn't specify were the minimum requirements needed in order to be taken into consideration.

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What Nothern looks for in a Driver

Northern trains are looking for drivers for 53,000 a year

"You don't need any train driving experience to apply. However, we look for people who can concentrate for extended periods, with an eye for detail and a have real sense of focus about them, even in the face of rotating shift patterns.

"If you're a great decision maker who can think on your feet and approach a situation logically and in a structured way, then you're the kind of person who can keep a Northern train running on time.

"Northern adheres to the Train Driver Licenses and Certificates Regulations 2010 (TDLCR). For further information about the regulations, please visit the Office of Rail Regulation website."

Minimum requirements including sight and commuting

In order to become a train driver with Northern

You must not have defective colour vision

You must be willing to work irregular and unsociable shift patterns

You must live within a 45 minute commutable distance from the location you are applying for

You must be aged between 20 and 62 years