Two Harrogate students injured in Manchester terror attack

Two students from Harrogate were among those injured in the Manchester Arena terror attack which killed 22 people including children last night (May 22).

Mr Richard Sheriff, Headteacher of Harrogate Grammar School has confirmed that two students were injured in the Manchester Arena terror attack

Headteacher of Harrogate Grammar School, Richard Sheriff, has confirmed that at least seven students from the school attended the concert, with two needing treatment for non-life threatening injuries.

He sent his condolences and best wishes to all those affected in 'shocking and tragic events'.

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He said: “You will all be aware of the shocking and tragic events that took place in Manchester last night. All of us will be united in our sadness over these events and will want to send our condolences and best wishes to all those affected.

"We now know that we had a number of young people and members of their families attending the concert in Manchester last night and we know at least two of them were injured, thankfully not seriously, but are awaiting treatment in hospitals in the Manchester area.

"All of those who were in attendance last night will have been profoundly affected and will need our support over the coming days and months to make sure their happiness and well-being is protected.

"In school, we are speaking to the students and offering them a safe place to be able to go to with an experienced member of staff to support them through this difficult time.

"We are lucky, also, to have the support of our partners at Just B, who will be in school tomorrow to offer counselling for any of those students affected, if needed.

"We have a wonderful pastoral team at school and I know all these young people will get fabulous support at home and from their friends and extended families. For those that need it there will be additional support from the North Yorkshire Educational Psychology Service, who we have already been in touch with to arrange support.

"I would like to finish by echoing the words of the Mayor of Manchester this morning it is important for life to go on as normal as possible, and to not let whoever was responsible for this heinous act divide us or change the way we live our lives.”

St Aelred's Irish Dance Group in Harrogate have also expressed their best wishes for one of the group's girls who will need surgery as a result of her injuries from the blast.

Dee Swales, Principal of St Aelred's Irish Dance Group said: "I don't know where she was in regards to the blast but she has injured her hip, head and leg and is having an operation today."

Ms Swales said that the girl is expected to make a full recovery but that 'every single' member of the group had been in contact to make sure their friend was OK.

When Ms Swales heard the news that one of the girls had been injured in the attack she said: "I was heartbroken, absolutely heartbroken. It does hit home massively when it's someone you know so closely."

The group have started a collection to raise money in light of their friend's injuries.