YP Letters: Leeds Bradford Airport's improvement plans don't add up

From: Tony Armitage, Fulwith Road, Harrogate.

A plane takes off at Leeds Bradford Airport where facilities - and customer service - continue to be criticised by passengers.

LEEDS Bradford Airport is regularly criticised for its poor facilities and operational failures – criticisms which with I agree.

The LBA development director has just announced that works costing £1m have been commenced for improvements to the terminal front area, parts of the check-in facilities and the departure and arrivals areas. These works will take until summer 2017 to complete.

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Passengers must be grateful for any improvements but, with a throughput of 3.5 million passengers, I question what improvements can be made at a budget of 28.5p per passenger over the next 10 months?

From: Clive Bolsover, Main Street, West Stockwith, Doncaster.

HS2 is necessary because by going faster more traffic can be carried. However if it is routed into Euston it will be much 
less use than if it went to St Pancras.

The London establishment have never understood 
that people wish to bypass London – you need to 
live in the North to understand that.