YP Letters: We beat trolleybus in Leeds '“ now listen to our views

From: Malcolm (Mike) Bell, Foxhill Green, Weetwood, Leeds.

Let residents have a say on the future of public transport in Leeds - the city council hardly has a proven track record.

THROUGH the pages of your paper which has been very fair in our fight against NGT (Leeds trolleybus), may I make an appeal, please?

We are the group of relevant professionals, accurately informed lay people and very concerned individuals from 
many groups who worked together and stopped the NGT project over the long, hard summer of 2014 in the successful public inquiry.

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After winning we did the “right thing” and wrote to our constituency MP that he convenes a cross party meeting of all Leeds MPs to meet with us to work together on how best to move forward.

He took up our idea of the cross party group. But he has excluded us. Suddenly we find ourselves airbrushed out. My appeal is that the MPs do as we originally asked and accept our invitation to meet with us. As a minimum, have we not earned that right? Have we not proved our skill and capability? Are we not owed at least that courtesy?

Leeds needs bold, rigorously and carefully worked out solutions with vision and creativity looking to the future and growth. It will take time and care. Will the MPs please have the generosity and humility to accept our invitation and come to listen to us?